What You Will See


Jeff has a Youtube channel here: www.youtube.com/channel/jeffmagic33

Watch Video of Vern, the talking Toucan does magic too.

Ask Jeff to Your Party

Here’s just a few magic routines

He will awe your child with:

☆ MAGIC JEFF enthralls you as he juggles with colored balls and magical scarves.

☆ MAGIC JEFF turns regular handkerchiefs into an American flag.

☆ Using nothing but a white board and marker, the guests will create a MAGIC SMILEY FACE that comes to LIFE, teasing MAGIC JEFF through song and jokes.

☆ MAGIC JEFF is not the only magician during the show. His life-size parrot puppet, Vern, will sing opera and perform a trick of his own. Dazzle in the excitement as Vern makes a cup of water disappear right in front of you.

☆ To make your child a true magician, MAGIC JEFF asks him or her rip up pieces of paper that, POOF, become a wizard’s hat. This will remain as your child’s keepsake to commemorate the experience.

☆ Ultimately, your child will receive a certificate announcing that he or she is an official magician.

And much, much more….